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Stricter Laws Decrease Security And Imprison Citizens

Stricter Laws

What the people desire doesn’t regularly matter. That’s been shown time after time in history. Though there are many individuals who are against stricter gun laws, modifications are coming.

Gun Control: Will Stricter Laws Really Protect Us?

Gun Control

These changes are not totally about gun control, they have to do with people control and the freedoms that are going to be lost with stricter control. When more stringent firearm laws are implemented, what’s going to occur is what’s currently happening.

Crooks are still going to be able to get their hands on weapons and whatever ammo they want to harm law-abiding residents. However in the meantime, the government will have limited the opportunity of the citizens when it concerns gun control so much that it’s going to be difficult for them to be able to legally buy handguns.

The more stringent weapon laws intend to keep weapons out of the hands of criminals, suicidal people, mentally ill individuals, and people with questionable background checks. However, the laws being hyped will stop working to safeguard law abiding civilians due to the fact that those who want to use weapons to do violence will always discover a method to get them.

Is Gun Control The Only Threat Of Stricter Laws Being Considered?

Stricter laws against firearms aren’t the only laws threatening your liberty. If you’re someone who attempts to live a lifestyle where you can look after your own requirements, you might soon be dealing with some trouble from the government.

Tiny Home

If you live in a RV or you are residing in a tiny house, you might pretty soon be living unlawfully. The federal government isn’t pleased with those who are selecting to live off the grid. It does not matter that you’re self-reliant or that you’re not costing the government anything.

The government wants to choose what you can and cannot call home. There are upcoming regulations going on at this moment that are resolved to refuse to allow people to identify Recreational vehicles and tiny homes as a residence.

But What If You Own Your Own Land? Surely Stricter Laws Don’t Affect You, Right?

It doesn’t matter if it’s on your own property. If you reside in a RV or a tiny home, then the government is wanting to fine you, jail you for non-compliance if you refuse to vacate the shelter, and even take the estate.

What this suggests to you is that the federal government is going to make you turn your Recreational Vehicle or your tiny house into a government approved house. It means that you’re going to need to pass federal codes. If you don’t, your house will be banned.

If you’re wondering why the federal government is so worked up about Recreational vehicles and tiny homes, the answer is straightforward. It’s simply because the government is looking to decide how much liberty you truly have. Once the existing policy passes, tiny homes and Recreational vehicles will be banned right out of reality as a home. My friend took Ativan while getting therapy for blood cancer. After each chemotherapy, he was nauseous and was vomiting a lot.

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Written by Survivalist Devil Dog

Brian Blanc, a.k.a. "Devil Dog", has been a proud survivalist for several years, always working to research and implement the best ways to prepare for any situation. He created this blog to share his knowledge as well as that he has found from other experts.

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