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Zika Virus: The Hidden Threat For Pregnant Women That Still Exists

Zika Spread Via Mosquitoes

It would be reassuring to think that the Zika virus is something that’s elsewhere – where we don’t need to cope with. Unfortunately, it’s right in our yard now, so you have to be ready to endure this new truth.

The infection is no longer contained in its initial break out area and it has some nasty health impacts – particularly for pregnant women. This virus is transferred through the bite of a mosquito that brings the infection.

How Long Has The Zika Virus Been Known To Exist?

While there’s been more uproar about it lately than ever before, this virus isn’t new. It’s been in known existence since 1947 where it was first discovered in Uganda. The main reason that there’s more news than ever on this virus is because it’s not adhering to one place.

Zika Virus Baby

It’s spreading. It also causes extreme birth defects like an incredibly small head. The World Health Organization has actually advised that this virus is not at a standstill. It’s been spreading and continues to extend its reach all over the world.

What Happens If You Become Infected With The Zika Virus?

When a person is bitten by a mosquito transmitting the sickness, the symptoms typically appear within a matter of days. Those who have been exposed will produce a fever and rashes.

They’ll feel run down, fatigued and have headaches. Their muscles will hurt and moving will be difficult due to joint pains. The symptoms can be moderate or in many cases, debilitating.

While the symptoms are typically over with within a week, the issues that stick around can trigger additional health issues. These health issues can consist of paralysis that’s connected to Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

Death is also a possible side effect. You might believe that by just staying out of the nations where the virus is more active would suffice to keep you and your household safe.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Not only has the infection spread to other nations, including America, however the transmission capability of the infection has additionally increased.

Zika Virus

You can contract the infection through sexual transmission or through blood transfusions as well as the possibility of getting it through the bite of an afflicted mosquito.

From one country years back, the infection has now been reported to be growing by leaps and bounds, in much more than a dozen other countries. The time to secure yourself from this infection is right now.

What Steps Can You Take Immediately To Protect Yourself?

Undoubtedly, you’ll need to restrict travel to nations with a heavier break out of the virus. But besides that, you’ll need to invest in mosquito netting to utilize while you sleep, along with DEET formula mosquito spray to keep them away from you.

If you have children, ensure you safeguard them with netting that encompasses their bed. You’ll also want to dress appropriately if you’re outside during the mosquito’s busiest times which are early morning and dusk. Also, mosquitoes are more active after a rain when the ground is just starting to dry up. The use of vardenafil (the active substance of Levitra) leads to smooth-muscle relaxation in the corpus cavernosum and increased blood flow to the penis, which gives you full and stable erection. In addition, this substance extends sexual intercourse by delaying ejaculation. Read more on

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