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Prepper Communities: Should You Join One Or Go It Alone?

Prepper Community

Being readied for disaster is a smart thing to do. When you’re prepared, you can survive both short-term and long-term circumstances that interfere with a typical mundane living.

Many people recognize the value of being prepared. A number of these individuals will go it on their own. Others will collaborate and either form a prepper community or they’ll get involved with one that’s recently set up.

What Types Of Prepper Communities Are There And Should You Join One?

There are different types of prepper communities. A number of these communities are places where members live near each other in survival homes on one plot of land.

Other groups are ones where the members simply share resources. One may share food while another shares medical items. This kind of group typically operates on an exchange based system.

What Positive Reasons Are There To Join A Prepper Community?

There are both pros and cons in teaming up with a prepper community. The main advantage with a prepper community is that there will be more individuals. Whenever you have a group of like minded men and women, it can be much easier to accomplish objectives and do things such as having help with chores or setting up brand-new shelters.

Another pro is that there are likewise higher survival odds because there’s safety and security in numbers. If there’s a requirement to ward off assailants, you’ll have others in the fight with you instead of trying to go it on your own.

Additionally, everybody can take shifts policing over the family groups and the supplies. If you’re alone, someone might try to walk off with your provisions the minute you’re gone or the second that you fall asleep.

Prepper Community Keeping Watch

With a community, there will always be someone to keep watch. It’s likewise a plus that there’s a social sharing aspect to a community. Recognizing that you’re not in it by yourself can be an enormous help.

You’ll be able to share meals together, work together to fix issues and socialize with one another. This will help keep the sense of seclusion at bay. If you have a strong system in place and guidelines to follow, then looking after things like the cooking, cleaning, washing, hunting, fishing, building, education will be simpler thanks to the community effort.

With So Many Good Reasons, Are There Any Downsides To A Prepper Community?

There are some downsides to being part of a prepper community. Choices have to be made – and that can cause some disputes. There will often be individuals who will not like the way something is set up.

Some people won’t like a barter system, while others will only really want that. With different characters, there will be a greater chance that someone will not like the method something is managed.

Another con is that there could be scams in the group and their intentions aren’t great. These individuals will want to join for the intention of discovering where you keep your supplies and firearms so they can discern how to access your caches.

You’ll notice these if you see them taking more than they give to the group. There will always be individuals who will desire to abuse the system. These will be people who will not likely wish to do their share of the work or give their share of the contribution.

Lack of privacy and following rules set by somebody else, even when you disagree with them, can be plausible barriers to you living contentedly in a prepper community – but for many, the advantages far outweigh the downsides.

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Written by Survivalist Devil Dog

Brian Blanc, a.k.a. "Devil Dog", has been a proud survivalist for several years, always working to research and implement the best ways to prepare for any situation. He created this blog to share his knowledge as well as that he has found from other experts.

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