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ISIS Infiltration of America: Not A Question Of If, But When

Al Qaeda - ISIS in America

ISIS Infiltration of America: Not A Question Of If, But When

There is a history of wars in every country. Just today, these wars are far more subtle but similarly as lethal. These wars are being combated in the world of terrorist attacks both far and wide.

Attacks are occurring left and right and ISIS is professing responsibility for significant bombings and suicide missions, and they promise more havoc in the future. They’re far more life-threatening than many people understand and will utilize any ways necessary to carry out their schemes.

They’re even benefiting from the many refugee crises and slip into nations by posing as refugees. From there, they regroup and then expand, gnawing at the safety and structure of a nation like a disease.

Can An ISIS Infiltration Be Avoided By The U.S. Government?

Unfortunately, a lot of people think that the federal government is going to keep them safe from these terrorist attacks. But the latest bombings reveal that the federal government can’t have eyes and ears everywhere.

That’s why it’s up to you to safeguard yourself and your family. You can start by paying attention. When the danger level is higher than it normally is, you require to take steps to lower your chances of becoming a possible victim.

ISIS Infiltration of America

What Steps Can You Take To Protect Yourself And Loved Ones From ISIS Infiltration?

Stay away from high profile target locations. This would be places like well publicized public arenas or airports that might be a target. If a local area or location is popular and well known, it could be a target because the goal of ISIS is to eliminate as many people as possible per strike.

Set up an ISIS emergency strategy and go over it with your family. Set up a place where everybody will reconnect in the event of an assault. Go over all evacuation routes and how everybody will have the ability to travel to your emergency place.

Make sure everyone knows not to deviate from the plan. Know ahead of time who will be getting who if you have family members who require transportation or if you have kids too young to journey by themselves.

Remember To Keep Vigilent And Always Aware Of Your Surroundings

Never get so comfy in your surroundings that you do not pay attention when something seems off. If your suspicion informs you that something isn’t right about a location or an individual, then listen to it.

Make sure that you have preparations ready to go in case you have to leave an area in a hurry. In case of an ISIS strike, an area can end up being ravaged and the essentials may not be obtainable.

You should have a survival bag prepared to go for every member of your family. Time is of the essence in an emergency situation. Keep enough survival supplies prepared to get you through 72 hours in order that you’re prepared if you’re blocked from food and water.

In light of today’s news about ISIS, it’s not a matter of if they’ll attack but where and when. Your most effective defense is awareness and preparedness.

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Written by Survivalist Devil Dog

Brian Blanc, a.k.a. "Devil Dog", has been a proud survivalist for several years, always working to research and implement the best ways to prepare for any situation. He created this blog to share his knowledge as well as that he has found from other experts.

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